Beauty April Fools pranks! Who’s fooling you?

Most days I consider myself to be straight-talking, trusting and open minded but today, April 1st, I’ve taken much of what I’ve read or heard with a pinch of salt. That said, without naming names, one beauty brand had me well and truly fooled today, if not for a couple seconds – but I blame the lack coffee and early start for my credulity.

To celebrate today’s clever-thinking and creative tricksters, here’s my round-up for the best beauty and fashion related April Fools. And, apologies if any of these had pulled the wool over your eyes today!


No.1 – Avon

Avon Lip Glosses - Beauty

Avon introduces its spring Ultra Glazewear lip gloss collection. Three seasonal colours in a sample of savoury flavours, including ‘Gorgeous Guacamole’, ‘Perfect Pesto’ and ‘Subtle Stilton’ – just yuk!


No.2 – VO5

VO5 Shampoo and Conditioner - Beauty

Another beauty brand, VO5, launches its lick-able haircare and the first flavour combination is steak and chips, perfect for bagging your dream man? Not mine.

If you’re a fan of VO5  hair products, read my review of the Give Me Volume shampoo and conditioner.


No.3 – Go Nutrition

Go Nutrition Shower Gel - Beauty

Go Nutrition’s protein shower gel for men for cleanliness, definition, ego and ‘bigger guns than the US military’ in just three washes – ha!
No.4 – Lululemon

Lululemon Spray on Yoga Pants - Fashion

‘Spray-on’ yoga pants by Lululemon straight from the spray-can but unfortunately already sold-out!

I hope these made you chuckle. Who had you fooled? Leave your favourite April Fools pranks in the comment box below.

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