Firm Favourite #2 – Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara Flared in Black

I don’t recall when I first tried this Maybelline mascara but it’s been a firm favourite for many years. In fact Maybelline mascara full stop has .lways been a must have make-up item. Before the Falsies mascara I opted for the Great Lash mascara as far back as my teenage years.

Maybelline mascara falsies in black

Now and again I get tempted to try out a different brand either because I think I may be missing out or because I get a sample to review, but I always go back to Maybelline!

I’m quite lucky in that my lashes are fairly long and curly meaning I rarely need to use curlers and only apply false lashes on special occasions; applying the Falsies mascara is enough to give the impression that I’ve done both!

The colour is a deep pigmented black, which is good for me as the ends of my lashes can be lighter, especially in the sunnier months. The curved wand or “spoon brush” as Maybelline calls it fans the lashes and coats them to give a thicker appearance and really opens my eyes. For a greater effect and to get a winged look, I simply apply in side-ways motions to the outer lashes.

I wouldn’t describe this mascara as clumpy but it is thick and does look like you’re wearing mascara. It’s not a natural look but it’s also soft enough that I’m comfortable wearing this daily including to work.

This mascara is widely available and as a drug store brand is a reasonable £7.99.



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