Why I went AWOL!

Seriously how has it been more than a year already? I’ll tell you how. Six months ago I embarked on my most exciting adventure to date… that of motherhood! I am proud first time mama to the beautiful Lissia Daisy born on July 17th, last summer.

I didn’t intend to go AWOL after falling pregnant but it just kind of happened. Partly due – if I can remember that far back – to feeling so tired and nauseous in the first trimester that I simply didn’t feel like it and by the time I passed the three month mark it fell out of habit.

But I have loved my hiatus and, with maternity leave, I have been able to fully embrace being a mama. I won’t lie, and I’m sure other mums can attest to this, motherhood is bloody hard work but so thoroughly rewarding. No matter how many NCT or antenatal classes I attended or how many parent friends I have, no-one could have prepared me for my baby’s arrival.

The love I felt for that little human as soon as I clapped eyes on her was so overwhelming and nature has surprised me in more ways than one throughout this journey, including how instinct can take over and guide you. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many moments when I have felt like I don’t know what I’m doing or questioned if I’m doing things right.

It has been a few weeks now since I’ve had the urge to get back writing but as you’ll understand babies don’t leave Mummys with much free time, sometimes drinking a cup of tea before it goes cold feels like an achievement.

But becoming a first time mum has given me a lot of blogging fodder and I have definitely turned to my favourite mummy bloggers and YouTubers over the past year. So, in turn, I’d like to impart my experiences, whether to help another FTM or to simply give you a knowing giggle.

It’s good to be back and here’s to more posts from me.


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