Review: Say goodbye to first-time wrinkles with NUXE Nirvanesque Cream Enriched

During a recent trip to London my moisturiser ran out (I don’t remember the brand, so it obviously didn’t leave a lasting impression!). Using the time to kill in-between meetings I perused the skincare isles for a new product and stumbled on the NUXE Nirvanesque range for first-time wrinkles.

NUXE Nirvanesque Cream Enriched

NUXE Nirvanesque Cream Enriched

I’ve always feared wrinkles and fortunately my preventative measures, SPF, moisturisers, and sun glasses appear to have paid off. Nevertheless at 31, and in a fast-paced and somewhat stressful job, I feel that I can always take more precautions!

The Nirvanesque rich smoothing cream for first-time wrinkles claims to nourish and relax skin, and iron out fine lines. Having used this for almost three weeks (it’s rare that I’ll use a product for less than a fortnight before reviewing it!) the few lines I did have, appear to have lessened – result!

As the description would suggest, the moisturiser is rich but not heavy; it is a mild oat in colour and feels gentle on the skin. I opted for the dry to very dry version as the results of a recent skin analysis show my skin is dehydrated. The fragrance is supposed to peony and blue lotus but I don’t get any floral notes. The product has hardly any scent, which is fine by me; I would describe it more like the colour, oaty.

All in all, I have really enjoyed using this moisturiser so far. There’s loads left in the pot and I will happily continue to use this as part of my morning and night-time routine. I’ll likely repurchase too.

You can get a 30ml for £31.00 straight from NUXE or other well-known beauty stores.

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