Say “hello” to Lissia Daisy

Let me be honest, a lot of my blog posts are now going to be baby related so it only feels right to introduce you to the little lady who made me a mama.

Here she is… the most precious human in my life… my gorgeous daughter Lissia Daisy Flounders.

Lissi was born on the 17 July 2017 (I was 40+5 for those wondering) at 13:11 after thirteen hours in labour (three pushing – I’ll post a full birth story soon!). She weighed a petite 6lb 8oz and has followed the fiftieth percentile pretty much ever since.

Sometimes we call her ‘dream baby’ because she really has been a blessing, so content (most of the time) and a pleasure to call her ours. She may only be six months old but this little smiler is already showing her determined side and has a definite glint of mischievousness in her eyes (from her Father!) though is quick to turn on the charm.

At the moment she spends her days rolling everywhere and attempting to crawl – seriously, I can’t take my eyes off her, she ended up in the dog’s bed the other day! And we have recently begun weaning which is a joy because food is an important part of our lives; seeing her little face as she tastes new flavours and feels new textures is hilarious.

Just this week her first tooth has begun to cut through and she’s babbling more and more; her favourite noise to make is a happy high-pitched and loud squeal. I’m hoping teething is the reason that she has also started to wake up at least two times a night when she was sleeping through or waking just once earlier on.

Safe to say we love this lady more than we could have possibly imagined.


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