2015 is all about the word ‘no’

Happy New Year to you all! 2015 already looks to be a fun filled and fabulous year with lots to blog about including weddings, hen dos, babies on the way (not mine!), a family holiday in Marbella and the dreaded London Marathon.

Learning to say No

But, because I’ve already committed to soooo much and have my own wedding (wahoo!) to plan and save for the following year, my lesson for 2015 is to learn the art of saying ‘no’. And, of course, I’d like to put more energy and time into this blog.

That doesn’t mean being rude or turning down all social invites but instead means learning a little restraint, being more savvy with my money and spending quality time with my loved ones in a more frugal way, think long country dog walks and dinner parties in place of nights on the town – not that this happens all that often these days!

I have plenty to keep me busy and entertained while I try my best to save, save, save. January to April is all about running and marathon preparation. I also have my make-up artistry exam and coursework to complete, little Darcie continues to keep me on my toes and the allotment need getting ready for spring. Not to mention getting this blog up and running.

What one lesson would you like to learn this year? Comment down below.

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