We’re getting a puppy and she’s called Darcie!

In just two days’ time, we will welcome home a new member of the Goddard Flounders family. Little Darcie dog, a chocolate, working cocker spaniel puppy and one of a litter of ten black brothers and sisters.

I’ve never had a dog before (I wasn’t allowed). And while I understand cats very well – I’ve had these furry lovelies since a kid – I’m not entirely sure what to expect! I have a fair idea from spending time with friends’ and family members’ pooches – Kobi and Tilly to name a few!

In preparation, we have purchased the entire contents of Pets at Home! No, really, we have pretty much got everything we could possibly need: crates, blankets, a collar and lead, puppy pads and the rest. I already know she’s going to be truly spoilt as we have ten toys for her already!

The poor ‘Jaggle’ is not so happy about us puppy proofing the house; we’ve put up a stair gate between the kitchen and front hall to stop Darcie, when she’s here, from escaping through the cat flap. This means the cat is having to learn how to scale the stair gate to get out and as he has nothing to grip his claws into, and the gaps between the bars are just too narrow to squeeze through, he has had to master the running leap.

I have also been reading ‘Puppies for Dummies’ but I’m sure nothing is going to quite prepare me for the reality of being a dog owner. I’m sure at times she’s going to want me to tear my hair out but most of all I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the adventure. Here is to plenty of stories to tell…

Before we picked her up…

Update: Darcie now…

Working Cocker Spaniel on the Beach

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