What’s in a name? Why I named my blog.

I thought I’d explain the reasoning behind the name of my blog. I want never gets is a phrase often used by my husband, who I’m told heard it a lot growing up. This wasn’t so commonly used in my household but perhaps it should have been.

Beauty Blog

I see it this way. It’s all good and well wanting things, in my case the latest beauty releases, a new wardrobe, a beautiful home, but you can’t expect everything you want to just fall into your lap. Wanting things gives you drive but you have to work hard to reap the rewards.

So this phrase is a good reminder, a kick up the bum shall we say, that if I have aspirations to have the things I want, then I better work bloody hard to set out and achieve them. This blog is just one step I’m taking to make that happen.

And it’s not just about materialistic things. If I want to be happy, I should have a positive attitude; if I want a loving relationship with my family, I have to make the effort to see them and to be considerate and kind; if I want a romantic husband, I have to be romantic in return.

Love Cheryl x

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